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Cloud Management

  • UnifiedSessionsManager Versions-1.x

    The project UnifiedSessionsManager provides a seamless interface for the management of heterogeneous ICT landscapes as private clouds. Therefore an abstraction of virtual and physical machines is introduced which models all elements as virtual components and virtual applications. The USM project is online since 02/2008 @

    The USM contains a complete set of VM management tools, including switching and VLAN based SDN management. This also comprises a common network addressing schema for the management of mixed hypervisors.

    The supported Hypervisors are KVM, QEMU, VMware, VirtualBox, and Xen. The OS support comprises Linux(RHEL/CentOS/Fedora/OpenSUSE/Debian/Ubuntu), BSD, and Solaris, also Windows by Cygwin.

    Remark: The version-1.x is going to be replaced by the new Python version 2.x soon .

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    • Sources including documents

    • Latest extracted documents(> 01.11.017)

    Remark: The version-1.x is going to be replaced by the new Python version 2.x soon .

  • UnifiedSessionsManager Versions-2.x

    The versions 02.x are implemented in Python based on a seamless overall object design. The new editions...

    • ...include a graphical user interface.
    • ...include a full scale automation API.
    • ...include optional backend server infrastructure.
    • ...interfaces to various Cloud Management Systems.
    The Version 02.x is planned to be released Q1/2014.

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Test and Document Automation

UnifiedTraceAndLogManager - utalm  
A common trace and logging library for multiple programming and scripting languages awk, bash, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, MySQL, Python, Ruby, SQLite,... ,   multiple IDEs Eclipse, VisualStudio, and runtime-environments for document creation document creation by doxygen, epydoc, LaTex, sphinx, and txt2tags , test automation test automation based on Makefiles with regression and unit test support , and automation of test documentation automation of test documentation based on doxygen, epydoc, and sphinx .

The project UnifiedTraceAndLogManager provides a framework and build environment for integrated Test Automation, Logging, and Document Automation.

The project includes a trace and logging library for each provided, programming and scripting language, which is also the base for test automation by unit tests. The supported languages are awk, bash, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, SQL/MySQL, SQLite, ...

The build and document generation framework is based on Makefiles and contains rules for various tools like doxygen, sphinx, epydoc, and LaTex.

Project @ and @ github

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for latest RPM refer to

The components are packed as:

utalm-<package-name> Contains the runtime components only comprising trace and logging, including debugging and IDE support.
utalm-<package-name>-devel Contains the SDK add-ons, which are:
  • test environment comprising regression and unit tests
  • components for document automation
  • components for automation of test documentation
  • build and packaging environment
utalm-<package-name>.src Contains the sources.

UnifiedSessionsManager - Spin-Offs

Spin-off components are in process to be extracted as autonomous projects. First example is utalm