A small interface for The Big Environment
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User-Interfaces and Developer APIs

The UnifiedTraceAndLogManager - UTALM - provides a single interface for multiple programming languages and runtime environments. The typical application is for development and test of DevOps and R&D environments. The application support starts for small ad-hoc utilities with just a dozen lines of code, ranging to major projects in advanced environments.

The specific components like awk, bash, C++, Java, JavaScript, make, Python, etc. are described within the components documents. For common procedure on installation refer to Installation and First Setup.

For initial version and history refer to Versions and History.

The application of doxygen for document automation of programming languages and scripts not supported native, requires tricking doxygen to apply a 'syntactical nearby' language. Thus comments are required to be "activated" by pre-processing filters for doxygen only. The patched copy of code for document automation is displayed with those patches after filtering. The patches are just a little with unchanged line numbers, thus may eventually confuse a little. Examples are bash, awk, and make. The automation patches are currently visible, but the original sources remain unchanged.


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